Recovery is all about willpower. They could stop if they really wanted to.”
The first and most important step towards full recovery lies in the acknowledgement of a lack of self-control and a need for help in beating the individual’s compulsive behaviour. Willpower is insufficient to produce stable, long-term recovery.

The addict needs to hit rock-bottom before recovery becomes possible.”

It is never too early for recovery from active addiction to be implemented. In fact, studies have shown that the longer the addiction continues untreated (the closer the individual gets to “rock-bottom”, the more difficult and less effective a program of recovery becomes.

Alcohol is different from illegal drugs.”

Alcohol is a mind-altering drug in liquid form. Because the disease of addiction is not substance-specific, total abstinence from all drugs is necessary for a solid foundation in recovery to be established. An addict is very likely to use alcohol, lower their guard, and return to their drug of choice.

Cannabis is a harmless and natural drug.”

While cannabis use does not entail a risk of sudden death, cannabis is, in fact, one of the most harmful substances of abuse. Because it is most often used over very long periods of time, users may continue for many years to be disempowered by their use, and consistently fail to actualise their potential. Cannabis-induced psychosis, an irreversible condition, is also not uncommon in heavy, long-term cannabis users.

It is easy to spot a drug addict.”

While some addicts eventually begin to show symptoms of their use in their habits, circumstances and physical appearance, addiction is a disease that does not discriminate. From park-bench alcoholics to international film stars, people of every race, age group, occupation and economic background fall victim to addiction.

Rehab programs are just about detox.”

Reputable rehabilitation facilities are not primarily focused on the physical detoxification of the body, although this is a necessary part of the process. A successful rehabilitation is a form of therapeutic training program which enables the addict to begin healing themselves, their thinking and their relationships on a meaningful level and dealing with life on its own terms.

You have to want to go into rehab for it to work”

Most individuals in treatment were brought there under duress, and not of their own free will. It is common for addicts to only acknowledge their problem whilst in treatment, and to therefore engage with the process of recovery.

There are as many drugs in treatment centres as there are in the outside world.”

A reputable treatment facility which follows a sound therapeutic process will avoid the possibility of inpatients obtaining or using drugs at all costs, whether through frequent drug testing of patients or stringent security measures. This ensures that the treatment centre remains at all times a safe and healthy therapeutic environment, where recovery is the main focus.