Training Programs

Dan Wolf has run and facilitated several training programs relating to substance abuse and addiction treatment with particular focus on training HR professionals in dealing with substance dependence in the workplace. Detailed below are some of the programs that are currently running or have run in the past. These programs can be customised to suit specific needs. Independent of the program, details of a counsellor training course run by Alex Hamlyn and Ellie are also provided.

Brief Training for EAP Call Centre Consultants

  • Working with addictive disorders
  • Assessment, support and referral

Introduction to Identifying and Working with Addictive Disorders for HR professionals

  • What is addiction?
  • Progression of the disease of addiction
  • Drugs and their symptoms
  • Treatment process
  • The family aspect
  • Dual diagnosis

Introduction to Identifying and Working with Addictive Disorders – an Intensive Program for Healthcare Professionals

  • Defining addiction
  • Stages of addiction
  • Dual diagnoses
  • Detoxification with special emphasis on opioids
  • Ethical issues in the treatment of addicted clients